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»Even the stones that have been placed in one’s path can be made into something beautiful.«



Training in specific topics is useful when you wish to gain basic skills. During my business training courses, there is a  mixture of theoretical and practical exercises, which enable participants to achieve full training success.

Topics offered:

Intercultural training courses and coaching sessions are the core themes of my work. Besides this, I offer moderation for meetings and events and I am an expert in stress reduction seminars.

Should you require further details of such training topics, please select from the menu below.


Investing in team development to increase team performance while maintaining a high level of appreciation can help prevent conflicts and inconsistencies.

A constructive cooperation promotes motivation. Motivation starts when there is appreciation in the team, people like to work together, know each other well and can rely on each other.

The room also plays a role. To open the eyes to new things outside the workspaces, to step out of the old habit, to reflect on the roles in the team and to gain new perspectives is more profit and potential exploitation. I am looking for the suitable room for you.

A good option is Soller (Mallorca), surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains. The additional plus to strengthen cohesion through the unique shared experience. There is already an extensive network, so that different events (for example, cooking together, walking  and much more..) depending on your preferences can be booked, so that planning and organization is taken care of. The offer can be adapted to your team and your wishes. I gladly accept wishes and special requests.

Intercultural Training Courses and Coaching Sessions

Intercultural communication skills have become a key requirement in many companies, economies, science, research and societies.

Intercultural management situations need to be pre-arranged and planned on both a national and international scale.

During my tried-and-tested training courses, you will learn what matters whilst in contact with different cultures. You will be sensitised to cultural differences and will be able to prevent misunderstandings and act with both confidence and flexibility.

International cooperation often fails because of so-called soft skills. The trust built between people with different values and customs and the accompanying broadening of the behaviour repertoire are vital to the success in a business relationship. In order for this to take place, we will work with interactive methods, exercises and case studies. „Einfachberaten Berlin“ stands for effective, comprehensible and individual practice.

Intercultural business training and coaching are effective and powerful formats for awareness of intercultural differences, self- and partner perception and for broadening your flexibility. Training and coaching contribute to better communication with foreign business partners.

As a Business Trainer and Coach, I am able to combine elements from both formats (intercultural training and coaching) and with my biographical experience and background, I can offer an in-depth knowledge.

Focus points of the Intercultural Business Training Course:

  • Awareness of one’s own and foreign cultures
  • Influence of culture on perception, interpretation and behaviour
  • Encouragement of flexibility and change of perspective

»We don’t see the things as they are, we see the things as we are.« —Talmud

Stress Reduction

Workshops on stress reduction are already being used effectively, by many companies, to support pro-active employees and leaders in this area. Achievement potential also depends an indivudual’s health.

Health consciousness  is the ability of each individual to make decisions in their everyday lives, which have a positive influence on their health – at work and in life.

As a certified coach of „The Stress Reduction Programme „Serenely and Secure in Stress“, by Prof. Dr. Gert Kaluza. I offer a training course, which meets the general requirements, according to § 20 SGB V, as well as of the quality criteria and guidelines of „The German Association of Statutory Health Insurance.“

Focus points of the stress reduction seminar:

  • Information about the topic: health consciousness, Salutogenesis and resilience
  • Warning signs of stress
  • Main aspects of stress
  • Stress reduction: effects of stressors and the individual cope mechanisms, relaxation techniques
  • Coherence between mental concepts and physical experience
  • Development of positive thinking and attitudes – mental training
  • Organizing and taking breaks
  • Self reflection

Case analysis: ways better health at work

»If you wish to change your body, change your mind first.«
— Deepak Chopra, Arzt


I offer external moderation in order to manage discussions, organize teamwork, summarize results and clarify group processes.

Goal-oriented, empathetic and flexible moderation is useful for teamwork, projects, workshops, study days, discussions or other events, when:

  • all employees of an organisation want to agree on a common goal.
  • all employees of different departments or branches want to get to know each other.
  • acceptance is necessary in a change process or a company restructuring .



»I devise the contents of my training courses according to your individual needs«