About me

As a certified coach („DCV“) I give you support to determine the differences before and after coaching. What would you like to optimize or change?

My aim during my coaching is to make a difference in your working situation before and after the coaching, regardless of if it is to see your working tasks, colleagues or superiors differently or to get a new perceptive on the role as a leader.

My Professional Background

Having grown up with two cultures (Turkish/Kurdish and German) and enjoy the advantage of multilingualism. Languages are important to meet new people and to create trust. I have reflected upon my own cultural influence and dealt with differences with great awareness. Furthermore, my long-term trips abroad to England, France and Indonesia have been helpful.

In my private life, I live in Berlin with my family and enjoy being with them and friends from different European countries, who motivate me to travel frequently. My different jobs bring me to different places around the world. At the moment I offer seminars in Soller (Mallorca).

My pedagogical background helps me in dealing with different people. As a former Special Needs and Sports Teacher („1. and 2. examen“) I experienced different school types and endeavoured to implement inclusive education and to consider individual learning targets. Diversity and the dealing with differences appeared at a very early stage of my life and in my work.

My References

In the programme by the Bertelsmann Stiftung „Good healthy schools“ and as a certified fascilitator, I was able to deepen my knowledge of health management and support schools to develop healthy organizations. My skills of operational health management can be adapted to other organizations and companies. I did my training courses and coaching sessions in stress reduction and have had regular orders from, for example, the suppliers „Skolamed“ and „B+P Scaffolders“.

In one-to-one coaching, I have supported people in leadership positions from different companies (e.g. „Bayer Business Services GmbH“) to develop their own goals and put them into practice effectively.

In my intercultural training courses for the „Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)“, I have worked with participants from different scientific and economic areas. My experience as a contributor to an EU project („Grundtvig-Programme“) and my knowledge of work concepts with multicultural teams, has been very helpful.

I have extensive experience in the moderation of conflicts in large groups (6 to over 20 persons) and furthermore in coaching of teams in the professional business area, who wish to improve their teamwork.

Training courses in stress reduction, conversation techniques and giving constructive feedback to employees, are all an integral part of my work.