About me

As a certified coach („EASC“) I give you support to determine the differences before and after coaching. What would you like to optimize or change?

My aim during my coaching is to make a difference in your working situation before and after the coaching, regardless of if it is to see your working tasks, colleagues or superiors differently or to get a new perceptive on the role as a leader.

Our team

Yüksel Gök

For over 15 years as a coach and trainer for big concerns as well as in small and medium-sized businesses, I was able to gain insight into various industries and processes (public institutions, administrations, retail and wholesale, construction, large craft, pharmaceutical / chemistry, etc.) , My didactic and methodical approaches are based on my pedagogical studies and subsequent consulting activities. Following the principle of a life-long learning, I keep me updated with continuous further education. The issue of successful succession was a core topic of my clients in many of my coaching sessions and I also experienced it within the family.


Walter Bolinger

Based on my degree in engineering in Switzerland and decades of professional experience as a project manager in international countries, I finally decided to further expand my initial part-time lecturing and  work independently as coach for the last 20 years. I founded Stucki Romandie SA, which I handed over to a new partner over 5 years ago. Since then and because of this experience in the area of ​​succession in the company, I am intensely concerned with the question of how to ensure a smooth and successful transfer of the company.


Wolf Wilder

As a former founder and managing director of a medium-sized company, I support the company “einfachberaten”.

My focus is on administrative and organizational activities, as well as internal and external communication with current and future clients. Due to my experience in the retail / online trade, I am always familiar with processes that have to be redefined time and time again.

Therfore I bring especially for self-employed persons the necessary background of the arising questions in the follow-up process.