Succession process

YOUR change in management –

your responsibility and role in the succession process

The question of succession comes more or less quickly to every company – sooner. Every company has different needs and starting positions. Is it a succession within the family or an external succession? Is there already a successor or is the successor still being searched for?

No matter what your initial situation is, our seminar you will provide you with clarity and security in your decision-making process. With thoughtful preparation, you will become aware of your role towards all those involved in the succession process or those affected by it. You will develop the necessary steps.

Emotions play an important role, especially when it comes to your own life’s work. These must be taken into account and the needs behind them need to be identified in order to create a new attractive plan for the future. A successful farewell and a new beginning are possible if you become aware of your own role and recognise, who else is involved in the process with which role and how you are standing by it.

To prepare for a succession process with distance and peace and to go into the process with realistic ideas is what we offer here on the island of Mallorca. Without  stress you focus on a successful succession process: You prepare yourself for your new role towards

  • your employees
  • your family
  • your customers
  • external consultants
  • authorities
  • your health
  •  …………

Focusing on human and emotional aspects,

  • with the help of your motivation profile (Reiss profile) and knowledge of the 16 basic motivations of human beings and their characteristics
  • using analysis and decision models
  • with the help of a process model
  • with answers to your questions and guideline from the coaches,
  • with feedback and suggestions from the other participants,

Define your role and design your process roadmap so that you can take on the responsibility for your succession process.

Selected target group

This seminar is addressed to all those who are actively involved in the succession process and want to prepare themselves personally for it. The participants come with their individual background and work out an individual plan and timetable for their process.

Before registration:

In a personal interview we answer your questions and get to know your situation, which allows us to prepare ourselves as optimally as possible for the seminar.In order to ensure an intensive process, the number of participants in the seminars is limited at least five and at most eight people.

Before the seminar
… you create your Reiss motivation profile.

At the end of the seminar
… you return home with an individual roadmap, that allows you to involve the parties affected by the succession process in a timely manner.

Further informations

Further informations


Soller in Mallorca is a small town in  the  Tramuntana Mountains (World Cultural Heritage) with beautiful orange and lemon valleys.A typical old Mediterranean town surrounded by nature, ideal to find peace and beauty,. Port de Soller is just a couple of miles away and can be reached with the vintage tram.

Appointments in 2020

date: 05th – 7th of March

date: 14th -16th of March

date: 17th – 19th of Sept.

date: 26th – 28th of Nov.

Duration / Price

Arrival Thu, beginning of seminar at 16 o’clock, departure Sa, end of seminar at 13 o’clock, seminar costs incl. accommodation and meals 1.900 €.


Yüksel Gök and Walter Bolinger, two experienced and authentic coaches who have gone through the succession process directly or  indirectly. The exchange with the other participants is an essential support in the development of the process roadmap.


We ask for a binding registration and payment six weeks before the beginning of the seminars. Your registration will be considered accepted once you have received our written confirmation. If you cancel your reservation within four weeks before the date of the event, 50% of the seminar costs must be paid; if you withdraw afterwards, the full fee must be paid.