In most cases, it is commonly requested to clarify inter-human relations, develop strategies, improve cooperation or teamwork, or resolve conflicts.


The objectives for coaching sessions are as diverse as human beings themselves: What sort of conflicts are there? Do they concern intercultural conflicts, career or private relationships, or both? What are the differences?

My coaching is open and individually oriented towards your questions, interests and needs. It encompasses the goals that you want to achieve and what is better or different, at the the end of coaching process.

Possible formats are as follows:

One-to-one Coaching Sessions

This coaching starts with identifying the real issues and creating goal statements, whilst keeping in mind looking ahead to possibilities of support, resources and personal potential. What obstacles are there to overcome? What are the next steps to take?

Group Coaching Sessions

These sessions cater for colleagues, teams or employees who are undergoing change of some description, or who have difficulties in working together or want to optimize their teamwork. Here too, it also involves discovering resources and personal potential and using them to reflect on behavioural and habitual ways of thinking.

Coaching in a group can be helpful in resolving conflicts.



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